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Friday, January 19, 2018

Blac Chyna Defeated By The Kardashians In Court After Her Lawsuit Against Them

Blac Chyna seems not to be as smart as suppose or as expected being a girl from the streetz while her affair lasted with the Rob Kardashian that produced her daughter and second child Dream Kardashian.

From day one Chyna knew these people didn't welcome her having anything to do with their brother and son which they never did and still she couldn't neat up all her shits around them that reminds me of Shaggy's words "to be a good player you must know how to play", well that's why the name "Kardashian" always rings a ding dong! as some kind of power name.

Blac was suing the Kardashian after claiming they stopped the second series of E! show of Rob & Chyna episodes from being commissioned but she slipped on that one again after slipping through her days were she would've done what Cardi B did and still doing.

Its clear she was as-smart by the Kardashian , she never payed attention to details of the show and its continuation either during her relationship with Rob but she was quick to file lawsuit without knowing there was no contract for the show's renewal and of course she gat no document to prove her opponents wrong which with the help of a judge in December 2017, the lawyers for Jenner and the Kardashian clan filed for a dismissal of the lawsuit against them which was done ASAP.

The show documented the birth of their now one-year-old daughter Dream and was not renewed for another series afterwards, with that note is a bye for Chyna and Rob on E!.

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