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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Celebrities Disassociate From H&M Clothing, Now Crashing Down For Their African Racism Comment

H&M UK is one European clothing line who is very much alive in the clothing business before now with huge support from celebrities they pay to collaborate with the brand.

But with their recent exploration with a young Black-African Boy on one of their hoodie, things wouldn't remain same anymore especially now that African-Americans are super serious about fighting any form of racism ever since Donald Trump emerge as POTUS.

Among other celebrities who frowned at the brand and thereby disassociate themselves from the
clothing line due to their racism comment on the above hoodie wore by a young African Boy is "Star Boy" crooner The WeekNd who has been part of the H&M brand since last year 2017.

The singer hit social media to speak on how "shocked and embarrassed" he find H&M new exploration for more sales "deeply offended and will not be working with H&M anymore".

Though the advert is said to be pull down from the sales board but it all seem their action is pure medicine after death.

Puff Daddy has also reply the clothing line for using the "coolest monkey in the jungle" slogan on the hoodie wore by the African boy which is really ignoring and pure "racism".

In response to the racism comment by the clothing brand, the Bad Boy records boss Puff Daddy share the above reverted photo of an African boy with same hoodie with the words "COOLEST KING IN THE WORLD" to get back at H&M on his social media accounts with the caption "Make sure you see Royalty anytime you see Us".

Yea! its definitely hot on H&M and they and other brands will actually learn to respect Africans because we are not monkeys but humans clothe with a golden skin. (Most white people envy our black skin so much that they even want us as life partners but for some who not brave enough, fear of their racism family members, they act the other way.)

 With these recent development we can be rest assured that H&M brand has loose 60% sales if not more and the year 2018 wouldn't be the very best year for them as a clothing line, for one without celebrities clothing line are nothing in the world from time in memorial. Celebrities are the influence behind any successful brand and the power of celebrities on brands can't be underestimate.

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