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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chidinma Ekile Surprises Fans With A Brand New Song After A Long Break

 Sometimes is good to exercise patience like they always say, when I first saw this above photo of Chidinma Ekile, first word that came out of my Aproko head was "babe how far? We done taya to dey see photo o" till another thought was like "is it possible that she has been working in the studio just like someone" and there behold as I check Chi girl out. It was nothing but Joy.

Yeahhhh! Miss Kedike as she calls herself is out
with a brand new tune, like seriously I can't be the only one who was that concerned about Chidinma's career knowing we all miss her vibes but Halle! To Most Hight! Our girl is back with "Love Me"  and is dropping drop like it is hot, hunt, haut! Hot, hotter!.
 Welcome back Chidinma is good to see you again so many fans will say I'm just saying their mind and our mind of course but why that ? I mean "Love Me" title cause she's loved already or she doesn't know? perhaps she ain't talking to us hmm it could be that special someone to her, maybe.
 Anyways guys, let's check it out to see if she's still the same since her team has changed, ya! She did parted ways with her former and Now is a brand new team working with her.
Babe is fine no doubt about that so Let me use these medium to let you know that gist upon gist is still going on and will continue to go on with yours truly on soundcloud.
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I will be uploading a brand new one where Nigerians talk about Efe Ejeba our BBN 2017 winner that has been married to his music there after but as we on the know knows, dude music ain't the real deal and some persons are highly in prayers for the Warri brother so join me to hear what Nigerians are saying and thinking about Efe's music. 
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