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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Do You Play Brandy's Songs Without Remembering Tiwa Savage?

 Like seriously, am I the only one who sees so much correspondence in vocal and in spirit of music with Brandy and Tiwa Savage hmm? from day one before I ever read any interview by Tiwa I have always sees her as a Brandy-girl but surprisingly in every interview Tiwa has granted she keeps saying she's a Beehive meaning she is a Beyonce breed which's still not connecting with her
voice. The sound of her voice is so far off from Beyonce's which is in my opinion.
Why haven't these two songstress work together on a song is still something fans cannot connote, is somebody not wanting that? we need to know because both fans has find pleasure in seeing them come up with a song together.

The word 'a-like' is so far from Beyonce and Tiwa Savage but when you check out or try to see the resemblance between Tiwa and Brandy its just too obvious even to the blind who haven't seen both ladies that there is so much a-likeness and correspondence.

Until then we keep hoping, perhaps someday.

What's your take?.

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