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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Being An African Mother In T-H-I-S Situation With My Son

I walk into the house and I sight my son like T-H-I-S! Huhuhu I will spank those small ass of his eh like never before. 
Reason why is am an African mother I'll so beat
him eh that the only thing you'll care about to know would be 'how old is he'?.
Ya, that's how we do in the part of the world I understand.
Can you imagine! Look at him again, is crazy. Like where do I start from? Is it the chair or the floor or his body? First thing, I will lock him up in the bathroom after the hot slap.

All these children should be careful like very very careful when they are African children, they should know they must be of good manners from the womb.

They should remember they are not Ivanka Trump who owe a brand with constant production in China but doesn't care if nobody buys or not, reason you know.

Nay! We are different every way, hope they know it, earlier the cooler their asses if NOT is hot slap on those bum bum no y-oke here. I mean Joke sometime but not all times. *smile*

#JoyOfAMother #PrideAndPrince #AintTouchingMyChikdLikeThatEver #WhyWeHere 

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