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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Johnson Igwedibia popularly known as Don Waney's Dangerous Younger Brother Obata Osu Wanted

Oh yea!late Rivers State born Kingpin and serial killer Johnson Igwedibia popularly known as Don Waney whom turned a mega celebrity after he was killed by DSS is not the only one who is as dangerous as danger itself.

His younger brother Oluchi Excellent Mark Igwedibia popularly called Obata Osu as you can see
from the above photo is said to be a very dangerous one too, that anytime "he enters a place it happens, what happens" they said is "killing, beheading and shooting". For the security of the general public he has been declare wanted.

Still trying to understand how two brothers get involve with such shocking criminal acts and from reports, Don Waney and his brother were said to be among those militants who supposedly took the amnesty programme "in-genuinely" as a result of that, they never repented off their sins and killings became their hobby.

If you see him anywhere, you're expected to do the needful so help you God!.

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