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Monday, January 22, 2018

Kanu Nwankwo's Wife Amara Insult Laura Ikeji's Husband Live On Social Media Over Football Ticket (Photo)

Honestly, will this life flaunting on social media not put people in trouble more since its causing trouble in our word already, here again is Ogbonna Kanu the husband to Laura Ikeji the younger sister of Linda Ikeji is at it again.

Ogbonna in his normal way flaunt the above ticket on social media and here is the result.
And below here is Mrs Kanu Nwakwo's response after Ogbonna flaunt the ticket on social media for the love of the gram, LOL.
Chisos! bros why na? please stop. These news now may not surface in Linda's blog why is "I have to not expose my inlaw more" but we gat it in our blog for y'all pleasure. *smile*

Are you not entertained? simple yes or no?, answer.

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