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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Life Happens To Khloe Kardashian, Changed Plans With NBA Boyfriend

Life has a way of changing plans for everyone and these has once again validate itself with Khloe Kardashian as the extravagant renovation plans for her Calabasas crib she bought from Justin Bieber back in 2014 were she turned a bedroom next to her master bedroom into a closet big enough
to accommodate her many clothes and shoe is going to be reshuffle back to what it was, a "bedroom" for her baby, she'll be welcoming pretty soon with her NBA boyfriend Tristan Thompson whom knocked Khloe hard enough to change all her plans.

Source told TMZ that "Khloe wants the baby's room as close to hers as possible, and that's the room's the perfect fit.
 Khloe is holding nothing back when it comes to the fine details of the room, buying top of the line furnishings, decor and clothing".

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