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Friday, January 12, 2018

SomeOne Educate Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe That Lip-Gloss Biz Is Not Music

Rightly said, someone needs to help educate Huddah Monroe cause obviously with her recent comment on social media is clear she's yet to know how far the Nigeria Entertainment industry especially the music industry has gone to take the African Music industry to greater heights by enforcing unity.

The African Music industry has always been ONE and that can't change now that all African artists are delightfully collaborating in recent times as brothers.

Nigeria took it upon herself to keep ties with other African countries to make sure none is left out which has been a norm since the 60's, the days of Baba Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Mariam Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Chaka Chaka among others legendary musicians, we have always been ONE till date.

How did Africans fight off Apartheid and what is the essence of different collaboration platforms such as the Coke Studio about, what about "The all African Music Time" on Nigeria radios across the country were all African songs are played irrespective of the language.

Here is Huddah comment on social media:

I find it highly offensive for her to portray Nigeria artists in the way she spoke even if there are personal issue between one artiste and another, why drag a whole country into it, its childish and unacceptable because Nigeria as a country deserve better than that 'hate speech'.

Artist all over the world have personal issues with each other irrespective of their nationalities and because one country's artist had issue with one Nigeria artist, you dare rub it on everyone? nay!.

She says "Nigerians don't even listen and support other African artists music" then Diamond Platnumz, Stone Bwoy, Becca, Sakordie, among others must be Nigerians, joker!.

And if her comment was because of Shatta Wale's recent rant on Wizkid, Timaya and Patoranking then she need to do more reading than clubbing or better still, let her focus on her lip-gloss business because Music isn't lip-gloss and lipstick.

If other African artists were able to work their music down to Nigeria with no stress and feel very much at home with the Nigeria Music Industry and get along with fellow artists even Shatta Wale's own country, Ghanaian fellow singers songs are rocking play stations and topping music chart here in Nigeria though they're not in the country which clearly states that there's something Shatta Wale didn't do right.

While I was in Ghana sometime ago, I heard he said "I Don't Respect Any Artiste In The Ghanaian Music Industry" with such comment from a recording artist of a country, that say it all and NAY! he can't take such attitude to another man's country. You can be a king in your own house but you can't come to another man's house and rule him. Nay!

Going by his recent rants, he can't bring anything good between African musicians except division which is wrong and unknowingly to him, he only shut doors against himself kudos to himself, from me to Shatta Wale 'please stay in your corner and don't contaminate the unity flow between our countries'while Huddah focus on her lip-gloss business and champagne-ing lifestyle.

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