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Monday, January 08, 2018

Timeless Diary: Unfortunate


Family seems so far when you broke
It's disheartening and breaking
So pathetic that I have to go extra miles to get to
My destination because I'm unfortunate
Millions with caps but never wore it
They find no need to
Many without heads actually own a cap
It's life not fiction
It's unfortunate

For you and for me
Whatever way we are
Somehow we all belong somewhere
It's unfortunate that we must
We are all unfortunate someways
The fear of losing a love one
Makes us most times do the very wrong things
Our Fears only kills us
Nothing good comes out of Fear
What if and what if not
We never know till we try
We never try till we can
It's unfortunate

Frustration starts from within
Lacking money can make dreams far away
Desperation can drives one crazy
Into becoming what they not
But what needs to be done has to be done
For dreams to come true
Only those who tour knows
what the journey is truly like
A nobody has few family
And fewer aquintance
With no friends most times
While some are Fortunate
Most of us are unfortunate
We were born that way
With an unquenchable light inside of us
Somehow we find our way to the world
With our glowing light we shine through life
Adversaries maybe plenty but somehow
We find one true moment with true ones
Those whom nature has power over
Who got overwhelmed by something in us
Though we are unfortunate
We will be Fortunate enough one day
After the dark clouds has subsides
Our own color is what will been seen in our cloud
I chose the purple cloud with fine Pink
Knowing is Joy at last victory to the Most High
Is a long rough walk to that destination
It's unfortunate

Time's Up for Fear of any form
Do what you can do to survive
It's a juggle life for the unfortunate
Works maybe many but recognitions is hard
For the unfortunate
Who blows your trumpet
With hope and faith we keep pushing
You never know
Since Nobody Knows tomorrow
The unfortunate maybe fortunate someday
It's a pray with faith to the One above
Who knows and sees all things
He who knows our tomorrow
With a smile He must be watching my panics
Guess it will never change but delay
Words ain't just enough to comprehend
They say the end shall justifies it for us
If regrets ends it
We'll still give praise
Living is better, live your life and be happy
Let the One above see your heart, your faults
And your struggles for whatever
That might just be your essence nothing more
Some can't live without alcohol
While some fool themselves in believing that
Glad to know I can do without liquor
Putting thoughts down is what I love most
Writing to pour my hearts out
In the private heal me and gives me strength
To carry on
What would my life be without writing?
It has always been these way
And these is what survives me
Heal my wounds though can't erase the scars
Guess is tough for everyone one
Maybe our loads and pains differs
And our sins scales differently or maybe not
Is unfortunate

We all are group the same
Be rest assured that the Judge will do His job
He who sees what we truly are
He needs no explanation from no one
He sees it all and know it all
How I'm supposed to know you or meet you
In my parlour
I should go places more but I love my quiet time
Alone with myself is my Joy most times
One-day a week to be loud seems good enough
Be quiet, be you, be good unfortunate
Perhaps someday I will be Fortunate.

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