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Monday, January 08, 2018

Wake Up Nigerians!!! Fulani Herdsmen Cut Off A Man's Hand In Edo State (Graphic Pictures)

Wake Up Nigerians!!!  These is sad to Nigerians and despite our cry NOTHING is done by the government to stop the innocent killing by the Fulani herdsmen.

And here is another case of the Fulani herdsmen cutting off one Mr Arowolo's hand in his farm at Ojah, Akoko of Edo State, its pathetic. 

Their action signifies nothing more than a Jihad were the Muslims feels whatever evil they do is a holy act/war. 
These is a barbaric act and the international media community should help alarm it to the whole wide world, perhaps that will wake the Nigeria government and leaders up, its inhuman and unjust. 

Better still let all communities come together to chase the Fulani herdsmen away from their respective communities for peace to reign as well preserve lives just as some communities had successfully done since the government seems powerless over the Fulani herdsmen. Nigerians can't be dying while the government takes no action to stop this evil being carried out on innocent people for no just course.

See below for graphics photos:

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