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Monday, January 08, 2018

What's Wrong With 'Cardi B's Fiance Offset Of The Migos Caught Cheating' With Other Women?

Cardi B and Migos rapper Offset’s romance has been dogged by rumours of cheating since their engagement in October 2017.

 Now an exclusive explicit video in which Offset allegedly features which has gone viral on social media were a babe was horse riding dude very nicely, in the video a man who sports dreads much
looks like Offset's can be seen engaging in sexual activities with a faceless woman, the man did the videoing while enjoying the flow as she grinds on him while backing him and the lady's ass look white lighter than Cardi B's skin color.

Though both rappers are yet to comment on the recent incident but Cardi B, however, did comment on her bae’s cheating during a performance at the Holiday Hip Hop Festival in Mississippi.

Before beginning her performance she said, "I let a ni*** know though. You do that sh** again, you gon’ lose your wife"..

Like I don't get, how on earth is a dude like Offset sentence to just be riding Cardi B for the rest of his life? that is selfish to me.
 Let the dude live his life, let him eat out if he choose to fun that fun once in awhile so far you have the man back and he comes home to you, deal with the hard reality.

We shouldn't be deceived, he's human with all these money and popularity and you want him to just die sticking his duice to you? hell No!.
 In my opinion that wouldn't be fair for him as a person with his kind of lifestyle and All men cheat in someways.
Most people has come out to lash out on Offset who proposed to the Bodak rapper months back for cheating, according to them, "why proposing when you know your cheating games" like are married couples not cheating? propose means jail for life.

Enjoy him as your man and do the does, Never leave your man for no bitch cause all men at some point cheat even when they love you, its natural. Oops! I said that.

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