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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

A Must Read: Don't Be Fooled In Lagos, Be Careful With Strangers Acting Nice, Its A Trap!!!

The city of Lagos is the largest and one of its kind in the whole of AfricaLagos is the most populous African city as such there are different people in these city of good, bad and the ugly as I describes Lagoto anyone who knows little or nothing about the city everyone would like to explore because of its uniqueness but we know there's actually nothing so advantageous with no disadvantages as well, so is our dear city, Lagos.

For as long as anyone including our ancestors could recall the city of  Lagos, there has always been
scary tales that has brought about popular slogans like "Lagos na wa!" and  "Shine Your Eyes" which is constantly use by  Lagosians from time in memorial and it will forever be used in the city.

In  Lagos its expected that everyone in the city becomes conscious and vigilant with their eyes wide open along their senses in order not to be a victim of whatsoever danger.
Just like every  Lagosian personally I've had my own fair share of terrible enchanters but the one that almost got me into where and what I can't say, Yesterday, Sunday January 14, 2018 is the reason behind this write-up for everybody awareness, not to be victimize by evil people who are everywhere in the city with the no-suspicious looks.

Neighbors are strangers here in the city talk more of a person you met or that approached you at a bus stop, its frightening but with God Almighty evil will not befall His children.

Whether in Lagoor in any other places on planet earth even in the interior villages is advisable always to be very, very careful of those are around us, those we talk to, make friends with etc.
Recently, Lagostate have fighting cultist groups who kill innocent people and make away with their blood and other vital organs in the body which is no more news to Lagosians and environs.

During the holiday last month I was on my way to the One Lagos annual concert at arriving CMS a young lady at her early 30's approach me... (Kindly copy the link and listen on www.soundcloud/iamrealtimeless for the full gist and spread the news and save lives



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