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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

From Efe To You And To Us, LOL

LOL, Efe, Efe, Efe, first of all those warri sucking blood around you are not good for you or your musical career honestly, change your crew and surround yourself with more goal oriented people in the music industry.

You can't be friends with farmers and want to be a successful musician mostly when the vibe is not
concrete, if you know what I mean.

If people actually voted for you where there where bunch of amazing talents on a National TV show that means they supported your dreams at the most needing time and is obvious they are only feeling disappointed and you shouldn't get angry because you messed it all up.

These time is not to throw shades on me or no one, just get to work and do better. People love you we all know that but accepting your music is entirely different thing. Get back to work and keep working till you get it right.

Definitely one day you'll get it right if truly you gat passion for it, then learn the craft better.

#Opinion 101 #Efe.

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