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Monday, March 26, 2018

Falz Mean Business, Live In London Town

It is Falz the bahd guy in London and is time to shake the area with the mic once again.

The comic rapper share the above photo on IG with all straight good English caption unlike him since he comically mis-spell which has become his trademark and that got fans wondering including female rapper Eva Alordiah who couldn't believe the La' Fete
rapper did pull up a post with all straight good English and Falz did blame it on the London weather, Lol.
But we know better that when it comes to business and money, please you need to be serious making sure you not misunderstood and being comic is not an excuse of cause.

So if you're in London, yeah!  Give yourself a treat and go see Falz as he lock it down at the 02 academy and no doubt you'll be glad you did for our baby boy for life don't joke and it wouldn't choke, Lol.
Drop your comment honey and share your thoughts and yes today is my Birthday.

I'm 30 today!! 😍 so show some love. 

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