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Monday, March 26, 2018

Happy 30th Birthday To Me And My Twin Brother

Yeah yeah today is crazy, I am gracing the celebrity of the day column on my blog because
it's my birthday and I have a twin brother from another mother but we actually find ourselves very early in life but somehow we never knew much about ourselves though we were classmates.
 We never see our similarities, guess because we never get close enough, we were mouse and keyboard if you know what I mean, now we understand but that's life, we never knew much until we know.
We both love journalism as a profession and of course that was our discipline in school and unlike many we are both passionate about journalism.
He loves to cook as much as I love to cook as well and we both run a restaurant business as well,  yeah thats why some people call me the kitchen explorer of course I i'm a kichen explorer and what's more is that he is becoming the next agricultural blogger that Nigerians never met till now, quote me on that one.
His agricultural blog is www. you can go check it out and show your support.
The most amazing thing is we share these similarities without knowing we both love same thing, for T-H-I-S I am flattered, warm, amazingly shock but he is my Twin.

So to us, I wish us every good thing that we desire in life, may our hardwork pays soon so we can celebrate and be forever grateful to God Almighty.

Happy 30th Birthday to me and my twin brother Isreal Ogisi the 

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