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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Mo Abudu Sign First Of Its kind In Africa Deal With Sony

 Oh yeah! that's true like they say, hard work pays right? Surely!.

Mo Abudu just got paid heavier for her hard work of all these years by Sony, she broke the news on
her instagram page where she share photos off the deal.

Like we know, she's been doing lots of amazing, amazing things with her Ebony Tv and boundaries has been broken and more doors has been opened to her and now she just signed a never seen before deal with lots of dollars with Sony international and yes she is the first that ever did it with Sony in Africa.

To that, is a congratulations to Mo Abudu for being such an inspiration to young Nigerian women like me and for moving the Nigeria Media forward.

 In my next post about this new development, I will give more insights of what the deal entails as told by Mo herself.

And don't forget to drop your comment below cuz I need it, thank u.

Photo credits: instagram/moabudu

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