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Monday, March 12, 2018

Old Nollywood Vs. New Nollywood: What Is Really Going Down That You Should Know

Once upon a time there was a Nigeria film industry known as Nollywood that compromises of Nigeria borns and other entertainers from sister-African countries who frequently work together and just like any industry and humans cohabiting, they all have their differences.

Then actresses and actors beef each other secretly even openly most times that they can't hide their hate and displeasure with one colleague that they can't hide these mix-feelings from the press during interview sessions because of one intolerable behaviour.

However, today we now have a Nollywood were there's a lot of what we refer to as Paparazzi
(fakeism) and Cliques dominating the industry were these entertainers pretend to welcome each other and love each other irrespective of tribes which is a good thing if the display of affection is real.

This custom is now the in-thing were actresses has form the culture of showing off and flaunting their suppose personal relationship with each other, going by what we daily-ly see on social media each day on celebrities comment box on social media which has make many people wonder about what is really going down in our dear Nollywood, if its true that but I'mma tell you something.

Unity in a place can only make a place better but Paparazzi (fakeism) and Cliques dominating the industry will not help the growth and development the industry because the entire industry will be one sided and statistically speaking, the quickest factor that kills any growth and development of any industry faster than hate is Clique.

Where there is these policy of: "if you must be successful in your career you must be part of these Clique"or pretentiously be a follower or friend zoning some certain people just to have jobs which is what is really going down today in our dear Nollywood.

If you mistakenly have an argument or disagreement with one member of the clique and satan has he's way and you have a disagreement with their leader, hahahaha then forget your career in the industry because they'll so not let you see the sun talk more about the moon itself, your innocent and lovely comment and passionate DM to be given a shot in your dream career can get you blocked but that shouldn't border nobody like me because humans are not God and is God that makes anything possible and when I say Nollywood I mean the whole world of Nigeria entertainment industry so is not just about the movie world alone.

Cliques is the only reason why it seems like the industry compromises of fewer people than how big it really is.
Same names and faces keep frequenting our screens which is not cool at all.

You must be in the clique to get jobs or given shots or you better raise money of your own for your own productions, its crazy but how long?

Kindly drop your comment if against or in, state why.

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