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Monday, March 12, 2018

Rick Ross Abandon Son After Narrowly Escaped Death

Rick Ross is back and improving in health from what we can see on social media over the weekend, Gucci Mane reach out to Rozay and he share their time together via photos which include the above photo on IG with an exciting caption: "Ross I’m glad u Good Vato!" while Rozay responded with same photo with the caption "Port of Miami 11 coming #MMG" and ever since then, fans has been relieve knowing the MC Hammer crooner is back and well.

However, you know people like us who seems to be the silver lining in the 'not our business but is my business' world, we always see the dos and don't and here is the don't that Rick Ross is not doing after having a second chance to live again.

We know his babymama Tia Kemp has called rapper out severally for neglecting his son, young Robert Williams and from the look of things Rick Ross is not changing to be a good father to the boy even after narrowly escaping death.

When Ross was in the hospital bed, I brought news of his two babymama Lastonia and Tia Kemp
arranging for a boxing match which was proposed by Tia Kemp whom can't take Lastonia overly possessive of their babies daddy, Rick Ross.

Tia Kemp said Lastonia only want her 16 year old daughter Toie Roberts to get the love of the rapper and forget about her son William Roberts 111 who the rapper named after himself.

Lastonia and Kemp issues can be said to be women fracass but ever since Ross return from the hospital, the rapper has been seen out on shopping spree with his 16 year old daughter whom is Lastonia daughter and his third babymama wh is a fitness model name Brianna Camila with their little daughter without Tia Kemp son Robert Williams 111, which is very inappropriate and unfair to his son.

There were news from Lastonia side when Tia Kemp visited with her son while Rick Ross was hospitalized that Tia Kemp and her son are not wanted anywhere close to the rapper which Tia Kemp responded in her insta-stories where she urge Lastonia to get prepared for a fix to fix match in thirty days time, adding that "is non of your business if me and my son are not wanted, we can go see his father whenever we like".

Rick Ross is currently planning a big sweet 16 birthday party for his daughter without buying young Robert Williams a toy and that is absurd.

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