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Monday, March 26, 2018

Whats Now For Nigerian Rapper, Sauce Kid After Serving US 2 Years Jail Terms

Halle! halle!! rapper Sauce Kid fondly called Sinzu has been released from the US jail were he served two years jail term for criminal act and fraudulent financial transactions that was amounted to over $15,388.00 (read here).

A video has been cited on Instagram were Sauce Kid was being welcomed home by one of his homie
joyfully and DAVIDO has as well welcome the rapper back, no doubt fans are glad about his return and now what to expect from Sauce Kid, is the big Q! if his prison experience will inspire him to make a hit, that is if he will be hitting the studio anytime soon to cook up some jams or he would be bidding goodbye to entertainment and settle into fatherhood to raise kids like every other young man  of his age.

To that, I say let's keep our fingers crossed *wink and smiles*

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