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Friday, March 09, 2018

Why Rick Ross Dying Means Nothing To Nigeria And African Artists

Definitely you've heard that America-African born rapper, Rick Ross fondly called Rozay was hospitalized and hanged on machine to keep him breathing after he was found unresponsive in his home, rumour has it that the rapper was having a 'overly-sweat-time' with some strippers who almost knock him out, it was real dangerous, thank God he's discharged and he is now recovering.

Despite news that flooded the internet last week of the rapper struggling with his life in hospital bed,
did it not surprise you that none of  your favorite Nigeria's artist/celebrity felt no concern to share their thoughts and prayer?.

None of this top Nigeria entertainers pull up Rick Ross's photo to say a prayer or draw fans attention into remembering the rapper which has got some attentive people wondering why which  I ma tell ya'll why since you don't know which is the obvious reason the headline interest you.

Before I state why, can you swipe Akon in place of Rick Ross while he was in the hospital? no doubt, if it was Akon, the whole Africa would've fly down physically and spiritually to be with him in that hospital and social media would've been trending with the hashtag #PrayForAkon #AkonNeedsYourPrayer etc.

But in the case of Rick Ross, none of such things were written talk more of trending in Nigeria, no Nigerian entertainers share a post about the heavyweight rapper even P'square duo that feature him back then share no post about Rick Ross and is only because of how reluctant Rick Ross has been to them not minding nothing as well as with other Nigeria artists because I heard before P'square could get Rick Ross on the video of the song they featured him, it was not an easy road.

There is an adage in Nigerian that says "people are like clothes that you must buy" and the only way to buy people is your impact in their lives and Rick Ross happens to be one of Africa's son whom would've passionately run things with Nigeria and Africa entertainers same way Akon does because of his undying love for Africa but we're also aware that everyone can't be the same so here we have Rozay.

Akon, Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Damian Marley, are among other entertainers who are so much in love with Africa because of their Africa roots and we also have those of them who don't care about Africa and is simple.

You don't care about us we don't care about you either since no one can take what they don't give, its a natural thing.

#WeChooseOurPaths #LegendsAreBornNotMade #AfricaIsSpiritNotOnlyByBlood

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