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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Why You Ask What Phone Your Crush Is Using If You Haven't See Them In-Person

Phones are designed differently to meet buyers taste and that is one reason the iphone and samsung among others are most derived. For one because of the quality of pictures these gadget are capable to produce.

These phones has the power to make people look so clean and fresh looking so beautiful when in real life they are nothing close to what you see in their photos, you can relate I guess.

Sometime ago I met a guy on social media who flooded my mail box with his cute photos any girl
can gush over, shockingly when we finally met he was a total different person from the person I saw on the photos and you can guess what my reaction was, I was dumbfounded looking at him and I say no word to him till I left, its crazy and very disappointing and that is why am writing these so you don't get carried away with mere photos that has been technologically filter.

That boy/girl you're crushing on his/her photo is a fake being who is not even existing, for the person behind that cute, hot, heart captivating photo is a total different person from who you cushing on.

Drop your comment below if you are a victim or if you can relate. LOL,crazy world of technology.

#CrazyWorld #Tecnovise #DontBeMadAtYou #AskThemForTheirUnfilteredPhoto

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