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Sunday, April 08, 2018

Battle Of The Fit: PSG and Real Madrid Wants Mohammed Salah At All Cost

Egyptian born footballer Mohamed Salah is the hot dude in the soccer business as at of now and these is no joke as FCs want him so bad that Real Madrid has offer €50 Million for his moving.

The Liverpool FC midfielder has Real Madrid and PSG who are his top buyers to choose if he is to
move from Liverpool.

News has it that Real Madrid will offer a massive contract worth €25m per season to entice the 25-year-old from Diario Gol while on other hand PSG is so set to challenge Real Madrid over Salah.

A die-hard football fan share his view over Salah and here is want he said:
 "I'd really not want Salah to move to Madrid yet. Till next season. Let him Keep up this form till next season, so that Madrid would pay up to 200 Million for him. So as to break the record for the highest bought player from Africa. At least, to bring a good FIFA rating for African players".
What's your take on this one? kindly share your thought. 

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