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Monday, April 09, 2018

Dear Murphy

Dear Murphy

Life is life
Its not the length that count but
The Life you live
That is the whole essence

You lived and do you stop living?
LOL you are my friend and bros
Good life to every brother in the hood
You are legends
Who the world never met
But we were priviledge to meet
And is our duty to tell the world
You lived...
Life is hard for everyone
We individually chose our solution way
I choose mine
Hope you will be smart and fast enough to make the decision
For you must choose
And all the options are not favourable
Nothing is
Neither the options life present us
Just live and do what you like
It determines nothing too sure
Is the man above that say
Love is he and accurate too
He knows it all and the muscles can't even decide nothing

Dear Murphy,
Words fail me
but somehow I find some in my heart to know
Nothing is easy
And not even life
Is even harder witnessing
Hope someday that reunion day

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