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Sunday, April 01, 2018

Lets Talk Sex: The Age That Is Ripe For You To Indulge In Sexual Activities And Why

So today you will be seeing why there is an appropriate age for everyone to "indulge in sexual activities" on the 'Let's talk sex' episode with yours truly.

You would want to ask why there is a certain age for us all as humans to start enjoying sex and the answer is simple.

Sex is an act design by the creator for everyone of us to enjoy in a due time, which in these post of mine, you will find out the amazing WHY there is a certain age, though i will not talk too deep about these topic but my forthcoming book "Let's Talk Sex" will discuss these in detail and more about the gift of sex and why we should not abuse it but appreciate it.

18 seems to be the approved age by law in our 'civilised society' for anyone to indulge in sexual act, teenagers within the age of 16 and 17 are as well seen fit to engage in sexual intercourse as long as the older partner is younger than 30.

 But really do you or anyone enjoy sex at that tender age? speaking from experience, I don't think so a bit.

Because of some circumstances beyond my control while I was growing up, somehow I was exposed to the act at a very tender age and now that I'm older with my experience and with what I hear from other girls and boys who I engage in discussion, I know better! which has made me to understand that at such a tender age nobody really enjoy the sweet pleasure that sex gives at such a tender age.

Adult age is the ripe age to start enjoying sex and the reason is, in adulthood, the hormones in our body are ripe and matured for the act that makes it very pleasurable and enjoyable, yeah!.

Kindly share your thought and take on these topic below on the comment box below lets know because most persons including myself have confirmed it, that we never enjoy the act in our teen but now! oh..lalala is sweet and very much pleasurable and enjoyable too *wink* LOL.

Adulthood is the real deal, wait the wait and don't waste away, that is the advice to healthy living without regrets, those of us who indulge in the act at such a tender age have our own fair share of regrets and pain. 

Don't forget to discuss sex with your children and your young teen if you are an adult reading this and if you are a teen, please run when those demonic men and women want you for their selfishness, I can tell you is pure wickedness.

And before I forget, my school tour is ongoing, where I interact with young girls and boys on becoming a better person and of course the best woman in the society.

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