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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Linda Ikeji Shows She Is Keeping Up With Big Brother Naija As She Speaks On Cee C and Tobi

Do you ever wonder how many people are keeping up with the 2018 BBN like me? cause I wonder how many people/secret, celebrity supporters are keeping up and today we found a prominent Nigerian keeping up with the show like ya if you do.

And this is what Linda Ikeji a.k.a Auntie Linda has to say about Cee C and Tobi fracas in the house
that thrown Nigerians off balance but I don't know why Cee C talk that like-a-dat! women we can do shaaa. Well it has happen noni.

Anyone with the Y because I have the W and H but the Y is still missing, guys? but we all humans right? speak on it if you love God.

One last thing, Tobi is the boss. Cool dude there! and should we say Linda is trying to show the Nigerians and her inlaws to be one of her godly qualities? which means she gat morals and she will be making a good housewife going by her post eh.

She can't and couldn't talk to a man (in my Ibo accent) any-how like Cee C we guess then.

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