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Friday, April 06, 2018

Why Married Women Are Thrice Vulnerable To Diseases And Unhappy Compare To Single Ladies

Gone are those days if there were days I don't know were marriage bring peace and happiness to women as record has it, back then in those days women as well has their own fair share of ups and downs in marriage and now in the 21st century, its a more frighten story because of the fact that deadly diseases are now everywhere in our world and is one of the problems married women are dealing with because of their promiscuous husbands who never cease to have numerous sex partners aside their wives.

Is factual to say no woman can be happy in a home were her husband is a serial cheater which has
gradually become a norm in our society making women vulnerable to diseases and unhappy in their marriages.

Statistic has shown that physical and emotional mistreatment from men in our society has made married women very depress in their marriages while being unmarried become a safer heaven for women who are happier and disease free compare to married women.

Earlier these year, the Nigeria Ministry of health said the percentage of married women abusing Tramadol and rafanol among other drugs are more because married women turn to these drugs as solace and ways to deal with their marital issues.

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