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Friday, May 11, 2018

Let's Talk Sex: Why Will You Do It With Her/Him ?

He, he, hey! is "let's talk sex" with yours truly once again,

I'm just in the blue-purple atmosphere and curious. Like seriously, ladies and gents reading, why will you want to eat and rock a banana/ogede?

And gents, why do you give whoever you enjoy giving banana your ogede?

Is it love that makes you enjoy sex with your partner or what?. I have heard very ridiculous things
and one of them is "having it and love having it with that person because of the skillfulness", lol.

That is not too surprising but being the only reason why anyone "love having it" with that one person is shocking, like just for the satisfaction? okay! That is very much needed as well.

Most people would love eat/give banana to only that person they love and nothing more or less.

Let's have fun guys, make it fun, kindly drop your banana/ogede pleasing thoughts below.

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