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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Meet Celebrity Farmer, Tsaninomi Israel Ogisi

Here is a recent short interview of basic Q and A by one of Nigeria finest farmer who have seen agriculture from a different lens of perspective which is the drive behind whatever one is passionate about in life.

Kindly meet Mr. Tsaninomi Israel Ogisi, his first degree was Mass Communications same as myself but somehow the 30 year old proud farmer got swiveled to what he is today and maybe studying agriculture professionally is something very much attained going by the way Israel is walking the career ladder which is something worth emulating. 

And his interview question go these way:

Q.  How old are you.
        30yrs old

Q. What do you do for a living.
              I farm, I train, I consult, I do farm setup etc.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5yrs
I see myself sitting as the chairman of 5 companies and a household name in Agricultural Industry.
Q. What are your fears.
My fears is getting to marry a woman that does not believe in my vision.
Q. What are your Short term goals.
Short term goals is to be appointed as the SA to my state governor or president on Agriculture
Q. What are your long term goals.
Long term goals is to be one of the strong voice in Agriculture by way of fighting hunger and providing jobs.
Man with dreams you'll agree with me but I don't understand what his short term goal is and how that will be of any benefit. I know is a beneficial office post but I don't see any reason why that  should be a short term goal because that is not even a goal because appointments are on based on merit so that shouldn't and cannot be a goal of any sort.

You can drop your comment and share your take and hopefully I'll have to sit with Israel to discuss agriculture someday and before I forget to add, Israel is an agricultural blogger, check him out at

Like he rightly said during the Q and A session above. He farm, train, consult and farm setup etc. So feel free to contact for any of your agricultural concerns, he gat you cover.

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