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Sunday, May 06, 2018

"Never Change You Even For Change"

"Never change you even for change" is what these post is captioned and is for a reason, so whoever you are is you and do not ever change because we are all different spices on the face of mother earth.

You can never be somebody else neither can somebody be you. One can only be oneself, we cannot
be someone else no matter how hard you deceive yourself, that's not who you are and is even much joyful and satisfying to be you, so please!.

The only recommendation is to check yourself morally, spiritually and physically in whatever you do, if you believe in the bible read and meditate on it and make necessary changes since we are all imperfect. Just keep growing you.

Do you, grow you, perfect you, let that be your new culture and only goal and nothing else.

#TimelessCounsel #NEVERCHANGEYOU

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