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Friday, May 18, 2018

Nigerian Youths Bad Influencer: Jhybo Should Not Be "Accoladed" Over SARS

Nigerian Youths Bad Influencer
But like seriously is Jhybo point for carrying a rifle during his video shoot validated enough to deserve these so much accolades poured on him by Nigerians without seeing the need for little criticism? well here I am with my opinion.

What happens to our morals as a society? when do carrying a rifle for any reason becomes so
normal as if one is carrying a book? is so pathetic that nobody came out to caution him after his post that made headlines more than any song he had ever recorded and promoted.

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When do carrying a gun of any form whether a toy gun for a video shoot, decent enough to be breathing in anyone's phone for any reason.

Lets not forget that Jyhbo is an aspiring role model and young ones are definitely looking up to him as an entertainer who grace their TV screen and when have we see or hear Wizkid, Davido and other A-list entertainers sampling arms in their videos or on their phones.

If this is the kind of role model Jyhbo would be to young boys then is better and safer for him to remain underground and not blow more than he is now thanks to bloggers who massively see need to boast his post because SARS is involve forgetting that without these SARS officials working, our country would've been in a deeper mess.

The only reason I blog that story was because sometime ago I've come across him in a show held in Eko hotels and suits and he was just this normal dude but having a second thought gave birth to this post which everyone should have a second thought about.

A photo of anyone with arm was found breathing on his/her phone and its such a good thing because you're a musician/celebrity, an upcoming musician at that, what message are you sending please?

The only time we heard of Nigerian musician posting with a gun was the evergreen Dagrin and that photo surface online after he passed on because I can still remember that photo almost caused him some problems back then in Surulere and after that incident, nobody saw that photo ever again only for it to surface when he was gone.

Then Olamide, we heard he was holding a gun after a photo of  him surface online with a gun follow by the "gun-man" pose but never had he flaunt guns or appraise gun in his videos.
So am asking, Who carries arm for any reason? should every aspiring entertainer/celebrity show his or her craft in arms?

 Who cares if it was video shoot session, it's morally wrong and a bad example to the youths. is this how Jhybo wish to influence our society? young ones should be seeing and feeling your vibe not your arm ability.

Or is that who you are? a gun carrier? We know the entertainment business is a free space for anybody to come in and criminals of all forms with entertaining skills globally see the industry as a place to explore but never are criminals welcome in anywhere and of course not in our industry.

show your craft, not by violence or arms except your craft lies in that instrument you holding, as a musician you should be carrying musical instruments NOT a gun.

He never even perform for Headies oh! he don dey carry gun! na wa o! this career of gun carrying is dead on arrival please re-shoot that video. Sipping my lemonade jejely. Thank you for reading, kindly share your thoughts.


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