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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Noble Igwe Noble: How Stopping Yahoo Yahoo Can Save Lives

Like his name implies, Nigerian fashion blogger and influencer Noble Igwe is indeed "noble" and it takes a nobleman like him to defame internet fraudster popularly called Yahoo Boys  among other crimes our society has embrace with both arms as these criminal activities become a welcome lifestyle.

People fail to see the dangers and atrocities been committed by internet fraudsters to others and to
themselves as they have succeeded to cement Nigeria's name on the ugly world crime map which has in turn make living rough for innocent Nigerians who cannot be trusted with anything globally, can you imagine what life can be for such innocent ones who are reapers of crimes they know nothing about? that's one phase.

Those labeling Noble Igwe a snitch should have a rethink as well see the many dangers that these internet fraudsters have inflicts on families, girls whom they constantly use for rituals and the detriment to themselves as humans since is not new that some Yahoo Boys go as far as eating feces! ain't that irritating and highly unhealthy for anyone?.
And if you don't know, Yahoo Boys run both local and international runs by divert funds from banks accounts, pension funds among other platforms and who knows who will be tomorrows victim, it can  be anyone so while you support them beware of what you so cheering for entails.

Whether you agree or disagree, stopping online fraudsters who only spend their stolen monies lavishly on drinks in nightclubs, luxury lifestyle that they'll not be able to keep up will highly save lives and I mean victims lives as well as their now miserable lives.


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