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Friday, May 11, 2018

Only In Nigeria: A Wretched Man Writes "How To Become Rich And Successful" Book, LOL

There's an e-commerce platform that is helping my entrepreneurial side of life and during one of those meetings were vendors are invited, from where I was sitting, there was this guy with very old big suit who is a vendor as well but wouldn't let anyone have the random question and answer in peace.

He is always having something to say just to be noticed, from where I was my aproko spirit wanted
to know more about this "over sabi" of a boy and just like a proper naija babe, I size him up with my eyes from head to toe and it was clear that dude is just like every other poor Nigerian.

Mistakenly for him, he turned the front of the book he has proudly announce was written by him and what I saw was "How to become Rich and successful" and I was like what???

You in this Lambo suit and old roger shoes? and you dare talk to people about being rich and successes? okay! and there again he was all about how to make money from the book in other to survive as soon as possible.

 I don't understand it! Please guys! these kind of things can only happen in Nigeria and I don't understand it, if you are talented in writing, channel your talent and inspiration into something you can relate with.

You are poor and you talking to people about being "Rich and successful"?  chisos! How do you do that in the first place? hehe!

Who can relate to this, drop your comments below as the holy ghost allocate you your blessings, Amen! but you must comment first, thank you.

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