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Friday, May 11, 2018

The Adeleke Ancestral Lineage Have Always Been Into Ibo Women More

Have you ever wonder why "Dami duro" crooner Davido is so comfortable with his Ibo girlfriend of alleged five years and still waxing on? Well, it turns out that the Adeleke men have this thing for
the Ibo and Edo women more than other ethnic group in the country from time in memorial.

 That trait of course can't be deny in David Adeleke as well as other Adeleke new generational men.

Speaking to a sure source who claim to know the Adeleke's very well said, David's paternal grand mother was an Ibo woman who was a celestial church member back then and she was quit popular.

Davido's uncles mostly got married to Ibo women as well, growing up, David might have been very close to this women during family functions and vacations coupled with the fact that his mother who was an Edo woman Imade Veronica Adeleke makes sense and safe to conclude that the Adeleke's are non-tribalistic and very open to other tribes.

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