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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Unfolding: US Embassy Cancelling Visas! Stopping Nigerians From Entering America

Nigerians cannot forget in a hurry Buhari last visit to the States where he was photographed while signing an undisclosed document that got Nigerians worried and exclaimating and now it seems we are getting to know bit of what the President's visit to POTUS entails gradually.

If you must know, be patient with these post and get the latest development as America seems not to be smiling or wanting Nigerians any longer and these is as serious as death itself, except you not going to have any dealings that will take you to America and that person is who I've not met and to make matters worst, America is as well motivating Canada to stop Nigerians from coming into the country that has become second home to Nigerians just like the UK.

According to Stella Dimokorkus who broke the news that "US Embassy are quietly revoking visa"
on her blog with a message sent to her by a Nigerian, based in the States which gave details on how the US embassy are going about withdrawing/revoking already issue visas as well making it VERY DIFFICULT for  Nigerians to come into the United States, at this point is high time the President of Nigeria come out to clarify these shocking development if it was one of what they discussed while he visited.

We really need to know why the US Embassy is doing whatever they are doing. Below is the message that was sent to Stella on how visas are being cancelled.

Hi Stella, 
Hope you are doing great. There is an urgent information I will like you to post on your blog. Preferable as a stand-alone post. 
US visas are being revoked by the US embassy.
I want to create awareness on what has been going on since the beginning of this year. The US embassy is revoking visas (mostly tourist visa) they already issued. The embassy sent an email to a friend two days before her trip (she already got her ticket) that her visa has been revoked. Some other people found out their visa had been revoked when they wanted to check-in. The airline said they should contact the embassy for further information. When some got to the embassy, their visa was canceled on their passport right before their eyes.

The one that finally got me to send this email is a family friend's visa that was revoked while in transit. She had a connecting flight in a middle eastern country. Just as she was about to board her connecting flight to the US, she was told she could not fly. The airline also refused to bring her back to Nigeria. She had to source for money to buy a ticket back to Nigeria. The confusing thing is that she has been to the US on a visit before.
My sister visited the US for the first time this year and she was detained for over 5 hours at the airport. Her phone was thoroughly searched. They checked all her messages and asked questions about every message. Even a message that she sent to my cousin to buy her food, they queried her on it. They only approved her visit for 2 weeks (it used to be 6 months). I heard of someone who was questioned for over 40 hours at the point of entry.

I just want to let people know what is going on. People have lost so much money due to this issue. People should please share their stories as well. I wonder why the Nigerian government is not doing anything about this. Some people think it started after Canada raised alarm about Nigerians seeking asylum in Canada after they get to the US on a tourist visa. Nobody is really sure.
Thank you.
So after the joyful signing and laughter by these two Presidents, this is what we get??? Like seriously?? Was this what it was about??? .

Somebody please copy our dear President Buhari so he can be aware of what is befallen Nigerians after his "accoladed" signing. 

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