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Tuesday, May 01, 2018

What The Big Brother Reality Show 'Should Mean' To Nigerian Youths

The prestigious reality television show that got Nigeria more entertaining as a country which is as well contributing to the success of the youth can said to be one of its kind and its impact can never be overemphasized as such every reasonable Nigeria youth should see the vision and aim, therefore
emulate these legacy being lay down for us as the future leaders and visionaries of these nation.

A big thank you to the open supporters, sponsors both secretly and Openers cause truly they are the bomb.
They are teaching us how to live, succeed, help, nurture and grow our country, thank you sir and Ma.
Bambam came what position but is a win as well cause she won, she and all of the housemates got same thing which is platform.

Starting from where someone Climax is Bigger, let me explain before am misunderstood. They will all do things and succeed differently and work their path rightly. 

Don't forget the small things are even bigger, what we need and will ever need are the small things which is the only way to the big things, from the little things we got Mightier Things but never is the way to the small things big things.

As Nigerians we should focus more on things that will benefit us morally, physically, spiritually and our country will be an amazing place and with just that one focus, we all will be amaze on things we are capable of accomplishing individually.
We know and have seen how the annual reality show has continue to bring us all love and togetherness even unknowingly to us. 

The housemates experience love and same as the supporters. To me is a Game of Love especially of these season and we were truly entertained which is one of the reason why the show is put together and definitely we are so Ready to welcome 2019 episode as Nigeria keep moving on and Becoming Greater.

Wondering how you can make Nigeria Great as well? work your dreams into a reality tirelessly as I am and support anyone doing something and lets see where that Our New Nigeria Attitude takes us all. 

To all the Sponsors, Thank You so much, may God keep crowning your effort.

Nigerians! we should not only calculate the millions made, we should as well calculate the collective effort by those amazing idealistic individuals though we may not know them, just to make the show a success.

We love to talk o but ask Ebuka and any host you know, its a craft as well, talking is not as easy as it seems. 

The Effort is truly Greater.

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