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Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Who's Winning?: IGBO Babes Vs Yoruba Demons That Chioma And Davido Represents

 Babymama maybe the in thing for some guys and babes but a sharp girl who is sure making a good house wife and mother wouldn't jump into such way of life.

Alleged Davido girl friend of 5yrs, Chioma has prove to be true woman of virtue than becoming a babymama which is as well a personal decision but what do a babymama do with cold nights and trouble times that all she would need is a man's hands around her, well that's not my call.

 Sophia Momodu who just delete her verified Instagram account after series of backlash from fans and David's American babymama gat that to think about since there babydada is now so engrossed in
Like we know, David gifted his boo Chioma N45million Porsche on her 23rd birthday which is still very much blinging on headlines and that expression of love has as well sent some wives and girlfriends packing from their men's hands.

Mathematically speaking, Chioma represent the IGBO babes who are known for their better way of making a man feel loved by caring and being calculative-ly-smart as a woman with their full number six working numerically.

While Davido obviously represent the Yoruba demons who will whao you then disappear into thin air and never care about whatever or whoever is hurting and as a Yoruba demon which is the role he's is playing right now, not minding how his two babymamas emotional health since we all humans but there again Chioma has been hurting for five years if truly they've been a thing since then as they claim, you know the game of love is never complete without lies.

There is possibility that David has settle each of his babymamas financially to take good care of themselves and his babies since Sophia is chilling somewhere in Atlanta, USA right now.

 And his second babymama who is an American seems very comfortable ever since David flown her and her daughter to Dubai few months ago to have a nice time but the question is, is that really best for them as women? what predicament would you wish for?..

Think...and never you deceive yourself except you have weigh your options knowing the pros and cons very well.
Get your right senses working before you cheat yourself because material things should not cost you your happiness and emotional peace, Biko nu! biko.

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