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Friday, May 11, 2018

Why The New Kanye West Is A Total Propaganda

First of all, here are Kanye's best quotes "George Bush doesn't care about black people".

"My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live".

"Nothing in life is promised except death".

Ya! following by his recent interview which has not stop making headlines all over the world on how Blacks who were enslaved for four hundred years made the choice to be slaves before breaking free among other issues and his confession of being a drug addict had raise eyebrow knowing what and who the old Kanye was and his "free thinking" as he label it had made some fans to see him from a different perspective but here is the only truth about Kanye's new views.

Just like any other career and business, the music business is very real and till forever comes, you have to strategies on how to make your work a success and that's the way up for our dear Yeezy!

Dude is planning to come up with a new album which will be his 9th studio album among his 4 mixtapes and other works he had successfully put out and just like JAY Z who shook the world with his 4:44 album with dark and not too palatable disclosure which detail how his mother of five children including himself  is a lesbian and his use of drugs to him talking about his escapades behind his wife which all work magic for his 13th studio album.

Here is the point, Kanye West need to sell records afteral what's Business without making money? 

Yeezy as the "Life of Pablo" rapper is fondly called,sure need the highest publicity to sprout him into the limelight, all tabloids and gossip columns must centre around him at the moment since he so need all the attention in the world for his upcoming album to be successful and creatively as Kanye, he smartly came up with these propaganda that has made him even more famous than a 2018 oscar award winner.

 Now tell me once his album drop! at the moment, who wouldn't want to hear what he has to say? cause we all would want to just like we inch for JAY Z 4:44 controversial album and don't forget to survive in the entertainment business one must be strategically creative for goals to be achieve.

Ya! thank you for reading, now you know all what Kanye is vomitting that is breaking most blacks heart is a mere propaganda atleast his first favourite quote sold him out.

Kanye being a black man with obviously none of his forefathers white, we can be rest assured that he truly love and care about blacks. 


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