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Friday, May 04, 2018

Why You Should Doubt Davido "Peace Of Mind" Tweet

So for five years that Davido claim to be dating his new boo Chioma, he is just having "peace of
mind" now going by the above tweet of his and it is after five good years that he is taking Chioma to the family as well, being this so much in love after five years? lol, I laugh in spanish!.

This boy must be a joker who is obviously taking people for a fool, suddenly he is catching the love fever that is these strong suddenly, okay! we've heard, who be mumu? or who never love before?.

Maybe we should see throwback of Davido and Chioma togetherness photographs in these alleged five years because as at 5 -3-2-last year the name Chioma obviously mean nothing to Davido.

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