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Friday, June 01, 2018

Cut It Slack When Is 'Like This' Between You Too !

Cut It Slack When Is 'Like This' Between You Too
Don't fall for the crap they tell you when they say, "we need to take it slow", "I'll come around, give me time".

Speed it up! I tell you, if is not working, is not working. Move on! the longer the stay the more you giving to what will never be, why waste your time on anything that wouldn't profit you at the end?.

Your wound will heal, you'll come to understand the lies. Move on! Life is precious and be happy
with yourself and happiness will in return be yours.

Is NOT working, it will never work, that is the bitter truth. Deal with that realisation and set yourself free and before I forget, whatever harm, hate, displeasure, you get from your partner, you authorise it.

In other words, you brought it on you, learn to set personal boundaries. Don't take everything a lover throws at you because you're scared of being alone, respect yourself for another person to respect you and ever since I started clothing myself with that, life is being fair, lol.

Guess this the first time you hearing "Life is Fair". You want Bitter you prepare bitter, you want sweet, prepare sweet and for smoothies, get fruits. Yes life is fair, is cabbage in cabbage out just like the computer. Take control of what comes to you.

Don't wait any longer on that thing you've smell, it will burn someday, why not burn and dust it off now? your time is precious, don't cheat yourself .

You're worth every diamond in the world and the best love partner, don't cheat you with wrong decisions that ain't good for you.

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