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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Mercy Aigbe Flirting With HKN Chairman Raise Eyebrows

Mercy Aigbe marriage_a wife beater
Since celebrities social media  display of  affection to eaach other (some are not REAL but FAKE) has become the new modern, we unknowingly read love notes without a clue of what’s going on most times except the few that decides to tell the world.

Where am from we take marriage more seriously than your place maybe, so you can understand my point of view on this post.

As a married woman, in my culture married women watch how they play around anyone especially
the opposite sex in order not to be misjudged. It is so forbidden that you will love the old fashionistas.

We know Mercy Aigbe marriage, is not what the general public envy and at the moment no one can ascertain the present state of her marriage to her Yoruba born  boo MR. Gentry that fathered her second child and only son, who have been publicly labeled “a wife beater”.
Which is confusing to understand sometimes; which African oriented man (even oyibo sef) will ‘eat belle full’ and still be married to a slaying actress that slay in reality same as she slays on her movie roles and expect not to be jealous?? Huh.

My point is, as an officially married woman, one should draw the line when communicating with anyone especially the opposite sex verbally and otherwise and is even culture and expected.
Fresh Fish_eat belle full
Here is the Edo born actress cum fashion-prenuer comment on Davido’s elder brother,Chairman HKN, photo with the caption: “The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it” and she commented “Fresh Fish😁😁😁” and am wondering who want to eat “Fresh Fish”.

Like seriously, men that we all know mostly our African men will not take that as a joke neither will I or some you. 

And when the woman refuse to learn that this is Reality, that will forever result to the blows and “he said am sleeping around in my matrimonial home”.
My advice is, if you can’t keep your eyes and legs close for one man don’t marry please!, because really, this guys come in different shades, forms, chemistry and wind. “Is difficult to be with just one man”. Hmmm oh yes I understand that this Men, mostly with money are too cutely awesome in ‘every ways’ to be with just one. πŸ˜‚ 

My thought though, you are very free to share your thoughts below, thank you. 

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