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Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Reality Of Cigarette Smoking And Me.


Reality Of Cigarette Smoking

Hey guys!
Cigarette is dangerous as we all have heard before and again it is bad, I pray you break free if you still struggling to dump that humiliating act cause not everyone know is a struggle for some people and I happen to be one of them🤣 but am breaking free pray for me. 

Recently like now am having heartburn due to smoking too much cigarettes I 🤔 think, so I
decide to share. I drank lots of brandy days ago and of course with lots of cigarettes since I was outdoors and Marijuana can’t be done hanging out 😆 so I was burning and burning until I began to notice a burning sensation in my chest but it can be treated and of course to abstinence is the only forever way out so no more cigarettes for me 😆. 

If struggling with this like me try to dump that stick soon soon like now like today. #BreakFree 

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Other things that causes heartburn are: Waist trainers that are too tight and yes I have experience it.
Too spicy 🌶 Food.
Staying in a hot cooking spot for too long, you must choke🤣🤣. Etc #Smokers #CigarreteSmokeIsBadAndDeadly #KeepOff 
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