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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Do Not Rot Out: Use Your Youthfulness Or Live In Regrets & Die In Tears

Angela Bassett
Youthfulness is more valuable than anything in the world, money can't buy it.

If you are yet to know that never mind you'll soon fo
und out as you progresses.

Is either you would look back the years past and say I did use

my time to my maximity or shock your head and get old with no accomplishment and regret WHY you cheat yourself for we fade away just like a shadow (Ecclesiastes 6:12) and gone like the flower.

Even the bible says you should go where your heart leads you, and do whatever you heart desires WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE STRENGTH. READ Ecclesiastes 11: 8, 9 that's what makes you peaceful and wise at the end.

Cherish it, safeguard it, use it and find joy in your handwork and you will be contented with the little GOD gave you. #liveright

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